The high quality of the gastronomy of the Basque Country reaches its pinnacle in San Sebastián, where you will find a constellation of 18 Michelin stars in a 25 km radius around the city: Arzak, Akelarre and Martín Berasategui (3 stars), Mugaritz (2 stars) and Kokotxa, Mirador de Ulía, Zuberoa, Amelia, eMe Be Garrote, Alameda and Elkano (1 star). We recommend booking plenty of time in advance because availability is very limited. In any case, our team will always be delighted to assist you with your booking.



    A getaway to San Sebastián is inconceivable without making several stops in its marvellous “pintxos“ bars. “Going to have pintxos” or to “have a few drinks” is a Basque custom that consists of going from bar to bar, having a small glass of beer or wine, accompanied by a pintxo. Originally, a pintxo was a small piece of bread on which a portion of food was placed and held down with a toothpick, which led to the name “pintxo”. Today, you will find the “classics”, on a piece of bread, or the “contemporaries”, where miniature cooking is the order of the day and invites you to try bites of different flavours and textures.



    Just a few minutes from San Sebastián, you will find a wide variety of Cider houses. These are restaurants typical of the region where traditions are still in place such as eating standing up or at long tables together with other diners and drinking the season’s cider around the “txotx” (barrel). The main attraction of these places is, in addition to trying some typical Basque dishes (codfish omelette, veal chops, etc.), the fellow feeling that develops around the “txotx”, from which customers serve themselves directly and that lead to quality times both with our guests and with the local people.



    Our gastronomy is not only inspired by innovative restaurants.  We also have the privilege of having raw materials of exceptional quality, both from the Cantabrian Sea and from the pastures in our mountains. Discover the best grill houses in our region, such as Asador Gertaria, located in a small coastal town in Gipuzkoa or Asador Etxebarri, awarded third place on the  prestigious list of “The world´s 50 best restaurants”.


    Álava - Basque country

    Made up of 18 municipalities that give it an incomparable beauty through all kinds of enotourism resources present in the natural environment, they manage to blend with outstanding innovative architecture in a wide variety of buildings and traditional bodegas. Taste and submerge yourself in a region that has one of the best known denominations of origin in the world, Rioja. In Eguzki Soro Bar, taste some of the best known references from this denomination together with a selection of our regional delicatessen products.


    Villa Soro

    Whenever we fall in love with a cuisine, many of us want to be able to reproduce it for our family and friends when we go home or even include it in our daily diet. At Villa Soro, if you wish, we will help you to find cookery classes to suit your tastes, whether in modern or traditional cookery or focusing on the famous “pintxos” . Near the hotel you will find several options for taking a memory home with you and learning something that will capture the interest of your future guests.





    An open-air sculpture park with 11 hectares of land throughout which almost 40 original sculptures can be admired from the artist Eduardo Chillida, a reference in Basque sculpture who achieved success during his lifetime and who currently serves as an inspiration for much of the international sculpture scene.



    The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry, represents a magnificent example of the most cutting-edge architecture of the 20th century. An architectural milestone due to its bold layout and innovative design, forming an attractive backdrop for the contemporary art on show there. Both a visit to the museum and a visit to the city are considered compulsory. Bilbao, which is both traditional and cosmopolitan, has been able to safeguard the identity of its more than 700 years without turning its back on innovation, with its imposing buildings from world-renowned architects, as well as its old town and La Ribera Market, which will transport you back to life as it was half a century ago.



    Designer and couturier Cristobal Balenciaga, considered one of the most important creators of haute couture, was born in 1895 in the fishing town of Getaria, 29 km from San Sebastián. The town contains the museum that pays tribute to his life, career and style, and it has a permanent collection of over 3000 items of clothing designed by him.





    San Sebastian is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, with its three city beaches that give it a special atmosphere. Enjoy La Concha, voted the best beach in Spain and the sixth in the world, Ondarreta, which is the quietest and most family-friendly and Zurriola the lively one for young people, as well as a favourite for practising all kinds of water sports).



    In the area surrounding San Sebastián you can find idyllic beaches with all kinds of attractions, such as Playa de Zarautz, where the clear waters and golden sand are a contrast to the greenery of the mountains that surround it, Playa de Itzurun, where the rocky limestone formations known as flysch, and the vertical cliffs will make us feel the wild side of the coast of Guipuzcoa, or Playa de Hondarribia, located in the Bay of Txingudi, near the estuary of the River Bidasoa


    Basque country

    The Basque Country is a territory of singular natural beauty in which the main protagonists are the mountains, valleys and, of course, the coast. Hiking and mountaineering have very strong roots in the culture of its inhabitants. You will discover a unique environment in which you will find natural parks, gorges, cliffs and waterfalls. We will be happy to recommend locations where you can practise these activities.


    Zumaia - HIKING

    The Basque Coast UNESCO Global Geopark covers the tidal strip between Deva and Zumaya, on the coastal strip of the Cantabrian Sea, up to the foothills of the mountains. Geology is the true protagonist of a landscape that holds some of the most impressive episodes in the recent history of the earth. The 13 kilometres of cliffs of the Geopark contain a spectacular formation of rock layers called “flysch” which, like a giant encyclopaedia, show us more than 60 million years of the earth's history.


    San Sebastián

    Surfing is one of the great protagonists of San Sebastián. Thousands of surfers from all over the world flock to the San Sebastián Zurriola beach in order to conquer its waves. Throughout the year, especially between spring and autumn, we can see dozens of local and international championships that evoke any surf city in Australia or California. In the Barrio de Gros, right next to the hotel, you will discover a combination of surf-themed bars, pubs, restaurants and shops.


    San Sebastián

    From Villa Soro to the Peine de los vientos you will find a paradise for those who love running. With a path along the city’s three beaches designed for practising this sport and completely flat, you will be able to run routes for all levels, from 3 to 20 km beside the sea. The city has always been characterised by its promotion of sports culture with many popular races throughout the year, such as the classic Behobia-Donostia, with over 30,000 participants, which is held during the second weekend of November.



    The route begins directly from Villa Soro, across Mount Ulía and ends in Pasaia. A beautiful route along the coast in which the views are the main protagonists and where the reward is, on the one hand, the Faro de la Plata and, on the other, the picturesque town of Pasaia. After a day of hiking, we can go by boat to the wonderful enclave of the historic centre of Pasajes San Juan, a town with a marine flavour where it will seem that time has stood still.



    Villa Soro has bikes (as a free service) so that its guests can enjoy the extensive network of cycle lanes offered by San Sebastián (up to 65km). If you love cycling, the Basque Country is also a spectacular setting, with epic Tour de France passes just a few minutes away, as well as routes along the coast for all levels. Our team will be delighted to recommend some passes and routes to suit your requirements.